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In our experience and through conversations with customer and other lawn and landscape companies, we believe we have found the irreducible minimum of a good service company. Our mousetrap is consistent, quality, hustle. All three are needed and none can be missing.

Consistent - One of the top reasons people are looking for a new lawn service is that their current provider doesn't show up, or does so sporadically. We show up on the day you are expecting us. But we don't just show up.You don't want us to show up consistently if the work is bad.

Quality - We show up and do good work. The expectations are clear and we do our best to make sure those expectations are met every time. Now, we could show up every time and spend all day on your quality work, but that would get pricey.

Hustle - We have purpose in what we do and this drives us to do it well and efficiently. And it keeps prices reasonable.

We hope you'll contact us and let us show you how the service mousetrap can give you the service you've always wanted in your lawn and landscape maintenance.

Sample Maintenance Proposal

Landscape Renovation

Sometimes what a landscape needs is just a good cleanup, and maybe some rearranging. At Riverside Landscape Services, we specialize in making the most of existing landscapes. A little TLC goes a long way. It's amazing the transformation that takes place with just some corrective pruning, weeding, maybe rearranging a few plants, and adding some pinestraw or mulch. If your landscaping is overgrown, you may not be sure what good plants you have, or you want a cleanup to help sell your home, give us a call. We will give you a free consultation and see if we can save you some money with a landscape renovation instead of brand new landscape.

additional services

  • Ask about anything not listed here
  • Lawn treatments - 8 applications per year that include Spring and Fall pre and post emergent weed control, Spring, Summer, and Fall fertilization, and insecticide (including fire ants!)
  • Pinestraw
  • Mulch
  • Seasonal Color
  • Planters
  • Irrigation inspection, repair, and maintenance
  • Lighting system inspection, repair, and maintenance